Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Crazy Life (how many times have I used THAT title?)

Blue door - Robin egg blue.
Looking Great !
Supper - now it's getting cooler, the nights are getting darker - faster, we are back to eating at home instead of at the Property.  Last week, Grandma D had us for supper one night, Shirlee brought us supper another night, and Grandma Ben brought us supper (at the new house) another night.  We were spoiled !!
Grandpa Roger's Helper
The fireplace  - getting started with the hearth stones.  Boy, were they a pain to cut with the saw. 
Beautiful sunset
Late pics from the Crossfit party we had earlier
Tressa and Tagg in her kayak - we need to get us one of these for the Property !
Tausha is alot of fun. 
These kids went to the Raptors game with Grandpa Jim and Nana Da
On Labor Day (I think), Kenzie took this crew for a drive up around Mirror Lake.  They had a great time. 
Zac had another accident, and slicedhis hand.  He should have probably gotten stitches - but didn't. 
Cam and Cousin Hannah
Pics from Landon and Kacey's Alaskan Cruise
Seattle - I wish we could go back someday.
See the glacier in the back?
Payson started PRESCHOOL !!
AND.........learned to ride his bike WITHOUT training wheels
Cabinets are being installed
Painted doors blew over :(
Preschool project
Hand Puzzle
Thatcher's front tooth started to turn grey.
It probably happened when he hurt it on the little slide at the Property a week or so ago.  He cried really really hard, and his lip was bloodied.  Must have caused trauma to the tooth, and now it has "died". 
The front of the garage is now totally done
Fireplace is coming along.............
Trying out the stairs 
Spectators at Tagg's football game last Saturday. 
Tagg is a good football player, and likes it alot !
Starting to work on the finish electrical, by installing the outdoor lights. 
Front porch is still a work in progress
Fireplace tiling ALL DONE !!
Things are coming along !!

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