Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Me and Brightyn and the BIG HIKE

Last week we hiked to Stewart Falls near Mt. Timpanogos (Me, Landon, Hugo, Brightyn)
Brightyn was asleep when we started out, and Landon carried her for quite away.  When she woke up, we continued walking, but she wanted to be carried still.  It was becoming obvious that we wouldn't make it to the falls in the time that we had because of our slow slow pace.  I told the guys to go on ahead, and me and Bright would just take our time.

We saw many many dogs on the trail with their owners, and even though it doesn't look like it in this pic above, Brightyn was happy and loving to all of them.   She is an animal lover !
She picked up every pretty leaf she saw, and soon hand a big handful of color.  I didn't prod or push, and we just enjoyed our time together, walking, sitting, looking, listening, watching.  It was a magical hour, just me and Bright in beautiful nature.  
We talked, and marched, and sang
In his picture, she just said, "What was that noise?  Is someone following us?"  She has excellent hearing, and she could hear other hikers coming from either direction LONG before I could.  
The leaves were so pretty, the temperature was just right, and as we walked in and out of the shade, she would comment, "We are in the shade, or We are in the sun now"  She is so very smart !
I love her so much, and enjoyed being with her.  As we walked, I held her hand so she wouldn't fall on the rocks and roots that were sometimes in the pathway.  At some point, I asked her, "Are you poopy?" and she just grinned up at me, and said YES !  At that point, we decided to turn around and head back to the car (even though I didn't have the keys to get in).  We walked and walked, and I'd give anything to know exactly how many miles (3/4 mile? 1/2 mile?) we walked.   Just before we got back down to the parking lot, here came Landon and Hugo behind us.  They had made it to the falls and back, and I'm so glad they did, because Hugo really wanted to see them.

It was a wonderful day, wonderful hike, wonderful company.  It would be fun to hike there with all of the grandkids when we had more time, and weren't in a hurry.  Maybe we will plan this for next year. 
Here is a pic of Landon at the falls !

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