Thursday, September 22, 2016

Another day in the Mountains

On Tuesday we traveled to the far northern reaches of Morgan County to look at cabins on Deseret Land and Livestock land, now known as Farmland Reserve.  The LDS church owns approximately 250,000 acres in Morgan, Weber, Rich and Summit Counties.  Every five years we need to do a detailed review of all properties in the county, and it's always a great day to get OUT IN THE FIELD, especially in the fall when the trees are turning their beautiful colors.  
While up on the mountain, we found a MORMON CRICKET !
I had never seen on before, and let me tell you, IT WAS HUGE !!
I convinced the "guys" to get it into a bottle for me to bring home and show the grandkids.
It didn't disappoint !!  Check out that inch long OVIPOSITOR (egg layer) on the rear end !!

Click here to see a video of MORMON CRICKETS
Click here to find out about the REAL story, MIRACLE OF THE GULLS, that involve the MORMON CRICKET. 

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