Friday, September 9, 2016

Family Pics

These are just a few of the great pics that Kristy Preece took when we celebrated Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary.  They all turned out so good ! 

Aaron and Erika's family ( minus Brian who will be home from his mission on November 11th)
Colton starts school at the University of Utah, Lance went back to Berkeley where he will be completing his Masters, and Tiana is at BYU where she is in here senior year I think. 
Mark and Carrie's family
All of the boys are working, and Dax is in the 4th grade.
Not all of us could be here :(
We missed Amanda and family, and Brian
Back row:  Landon, Zac, Treyson, Roger, Mark, Carrie, Aaron, Colton
Middle row:  Payson, Kacey, Brightyn, C.J. Gwen, Vely, Lee, Erika, Lance, Tiana
Front row:  Thatcher, Tagg, Dax, Dallan, Devin, Jaden
Me and my sibs, with Mom and Dad
60 years - WOW
Love these two :)
Me and my better half - Love you Roger D. 
Zac and CJ and boys
Landon and Kacey and kiddos

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