Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mostly Sports

Payson is playing soccer here in Morgan.  His first game went really well, and his second not so much.  In his second game, he fell down a couple of times, and for some reason, it really upset him :(   The third game he was in...........then out..........then in.............    He really gets into it, and LOVES to score !   It's really fun to watch him.  
Tagg is #1
I've had a hard time capturing him in motion during a play.  He does really well, plays both ways (offense and defense), and is in the game 99% of the time.  His coaches are Jamie Spens, Jared Venz, and Ryan Randall.  He does really well.  Today he sacked the quarterback twice.  Go Tagg !!
This past week was Grandparents day at Morgan Elementary.  I picked up the boys, and they didn't want the school lunch, so we went to .............
J's !!!   We ate in the truck because it was so crowded, and it was raining.   I sure enjoy being around these two. 
The Homecoming parade was later in the day, and we went to watch the boys on their floats.  
Tagg was having a ball of course !
So was Treyson :)
We went to Ogden after the parade, and stopped by Landon and Kacey's home.   Harper was there too, and Brightyn and she were running around in nothing but panties.  Silly girlies.  We tried to get Kolston in this picture, but he wasn't having any of that (haha).  Brightyn is potty training !   Such a big girl.  
Treyson's game today started out cold and windy, though the rain stayed away.  There is Treyson, the biggest and tallest on the team.  #44.  He can sure run when he puts his mind to it.  He played a good game today, but his team lost again :(  Seems they can't get it together.  They have yet to win a game.  His coaches are Ben Garrett, Petty, Barker, and Carter. 
Doggy Pile on Tagg !!
The sun came out and it was actually quite pleasant.  
After the game. 
Later in the day Tagg tried to fly a kite.
He was marginally successful.
It ended up being a beautiful day.
Life is GREAT !

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