Monday, September 26, 2016

The house is almost finished !

Cabinets, check, countertops, check
Master Bath
Boy's bath
Installing the fan
Siding is finished, except for going back and caulking and painting the white board. 
Finish plumbing - alot of help from the boys
Garage door in
Front door hardware
Water heaters, water softener
Sanding doors (that fell over - remember?)
Thatch is a big help.
Water fountain
Water boy
(Bobby Bu-Shay)
Farmer's sink, dishwasher in
Fighting boys - put to work
Hard labor (ha!)
Backsplash plan (didn't work)
Stove in place (for a minute)
Master steam shower (waiting on glass still)
Backsplash finished.  We finished up installing the hardware (hooks, closet rods, door stops, etc), and also some caulking around the door thresholds, vacuuming, taking door off (for the carpeting), washing shelving in garage, in preparation for the carpeting which comes today !!  

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