Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hugo !

Hugo Perez from Lima Peru came to Utah !
Hugo and his family was baptized by Landon in April 2008, while Landon was serving in the Peru Lima North Mission.
Here he is with Landon and family outside of Chili's where we stopped for dinner after picking him up at the Salt Lake Airport. 
On Saturday he came up to Morgan, and we went to Payson's soccer game, and Tagg's football game. 
Later we went to the Property for a little while. 
We spied the BIG OWL............ 
Had a little fun on the swings....................
Played a little soccer.................
Tuesday we went for a ride, and showed him the sights.
Devil's Slide
Heber Valley Cheese Factory
On the Alpine Loop Road near Mt. Timpanogos
We hiked the trail to Stewart Falls.  Hugo was impressed with the beauty.  "This is SOOOOOOO Be U-tiful" was heard many time.  Love this guy !!
Brightyn was asleep the first part, and Landon was the pack horse. 
Wednesday evening we went to the Salt Lake Temple.  
This was Hugo's first time at Temple Square, and he was overjoyed, amazed, awed, grateful, happy, and felt so very blessed.    I think we here in Utah take SO MANY THINGS FOR GRANTED.  
We met up with Brother and Sister Winters, missionaries at Temple Square.  They were so sweet.  Originally from Washington State.  What a wonderful couple. 
Hugo loves pics, and we took alot !
Joseph Smith Building
The streets of Salt Lake City
With the Church Office Building in the background. 
After we ate at the Lion House, it was dark, and we took some beautiful pics with the temple in the background. 
These pics are out of order, but I'm too lazy to change them.   Hugo went with Landon and Kacey earlier in the week to the Ogden Temple.  It was closed, but they wandered around the grounds. 
Ranger Ride (at least from Zac's house to the Property and back !)
Me and Hugo on the trail to Stewart Falls. 
At my work
And with Brightyn and the cows in Heber City.
What a wonderful week we had.
Hugo is now in Logan with other missionary friends, and he we come back on Monday before heading out to the airport to New York, and then back to Peru.  

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