Tuesday, September 27, 2016

For Manda

I appreciate how excited Manda is for Zac and CJ and their new house.  She sure wishes she could be here in person, to check it all out, but this post is an attempt to "show" here, and help her visualize the placement, etc, of everything.
Zac got the toilet s set on Sunday, with a little help from.............
Thatcher :)
Dining nook lights
View of the Property from one of the back windows
Fireplace with the mantle painted white.  The plan is to take wood from Grandpa Dickson (with the chickens) old chicken coop, and put it above the mantel, up to the ceiling.  
Stove with pot filler, and range hood. 
Coak rack (lockers) inside the back door.
Water fountain
To your left, as you step in the door from the garage. Looking into the 1/2 bath. 
And panning to the right, there is the door to the laundry room
Still panning to the right, you walk right into the kitchen. 
Looking towards the laundry room and master bedroom.
Laundry room (washer and dryer will be set after the final inspection tomorrow). 
Master bedroom.  There will be a "barn door" on the entry to the master bath.  It isn't finished yet.  It is actually the OLD door from CJ's Grandma Florence Mae's home.  It needs to be stripped, and restained in Grey.  The window will also need to be "frosted".  I'm excited to see how this turns out.  
Looking into the Master bath.
The steam shower still needs glass.  Not sure when they are coming to finish it.  Maybe today?
Master closet.
Looking out from the Master bedroom towards the garage entry door and lockers.
Standing in front of the fireplace, looking towards the kitchen. 
Panning to the left, you can see the front door. 
Standing in the dining nook, looking towards the family room, you can see the coat closet inside the front door (far right), and the opening into the kid's bedroom area. 
Standing by the fridge, looking at kitchen/ family room.  Love all the windows looking out the back. 
Inside the pantry. 
The swinging door is neat !
Can holder.  Can hardly wait to see this filled. 
Walking towards the kids' rooms. 
New baby's room, looking out the front window. 
Inside Tagg's and Thatche's room  (closet)
Looking out of Thatcher and Tagg's room, into the hall, and beyond into the family room/kitchen. 
Standing outside of the baby, and Thatcher/Tagg's room, looking west down the hall towards Treyson's room.  You can see the entry to the boys' bathroom on the right. 
Boy's bath.
Looking in Treyson's room.
Looking from the kitchen, back towards the garage entry/mudroom area. 
Here's a sketch of the house
And changing gears,  just thought you'd like to see Grandpa and Grandma D's wall, with 12 new pics from our last photo shoot.  It is sure good to get the pics updated.  Some of them were pretty out-dated.  

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