Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More on the house - it's coming along !

The front sidewalk, and steps into the house (3 places) are done.  Also Grandpa D had some cement poured down at the Property by the shed, and there was a little left over to pour a 3 x 3 slab out the garage door to the South.  It looks great !
Zac made this nifty hollow mantel (light in weight), that will hang  on the wall.  He is going to distress it, it will be stained a darker grey (I think), and distressed by pounding with hammer, burning with torch, nails, etc.  We are excited to see the finished product. 
The siding is coming along.  We all help out.   Thank goodness for the sunshade !  Roger cuts, Zac measures, and attaches, Grandma D hands to Zac, the boys haul the boxes around, I clean up.  
This picture doesn't show it, but the entire South side of the home is done now, along with the back and North side.   We are still working on the front. 
The painters have been here, and they are mostly finished I think.  
We finally get to see the "shake" siding, which is in the dormers.  It is really hard to put up compared to the vertical "board and batton", but it is more "forgiving" if a mistake is made.   
Some of the vertical is done on the front,
Roland set the septic tank, and dug the drain field.  It will be inspected today by the health dept. 
They hit some groundwater. 
The front porch is a PAIN.
It will be SO good to get it done.  I think the plan is to finish it up this weekend.
We took a break from the siding during this week, and concentrated on tiling the bathrooms.  Tagg is a big help. 
Zac even trusted him to work the tile saw !
The pantry
The can holders
The lockers
More tiling. 
Everyone gets in on the action.  Even Grandma Ben helped to "back butter" the pieces of tile !
Quite an accomplishment for an 8 year old I would say. 
The pieces of slate/tile? for the fireplace are hard to cut, but we are almost finished with the cutting, and will hopefully be able to set some tonight, and hopefully get it finished up by the weekend, so we can get back to siding.
The bathroom tile was all grouted last night. 
The drain field is some new fangled thing that I need to have explained to me.  I wish I could have seen this put in place, I would probably understand it better if I did. 
Some of the tile for the fireplace set in place. 
The boys are usually pretty good, and make due with the "garbage" that is laying around.  It's probably a good thing football practice takes most of their nights.  I think we will all be glad when this is over, but it had been a fun journey !  

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