Friday, August 19, 2016

This Crazy Wonderful Life of Ours - End of July

Mom helped me pick some apricots in Round Valley, and I was able to get three huge gallon bags full of dried apricots.  Very happy about this !
My friend Stacy, opened her new store, Morgan Mercantile on Front Street.  It is awesome, you should go and check it out .
We had some fun times at the Property.  Here is Brightyn's favorite thing to do.  
We were celebrating the July birthdays.
Roger D, Lance, Landon, and Grandpa D.
Erika is so good with my grandkids.  They love her. 
Mud Pie Time :)
I remember doing this as a little girl.
Tagg and Treyson did Kid's Crossfit, two times? a week for two months.  It was GREAT!  They kept active, got stronger, and Treyson slimmed down quite a bit.  
Strong kids !
Treyson also did 4-H camp - robotics, where they made robots, and had them fight each other. 
Box Fun
Our Camryn
Back in AZ - she went to a few concerts with her mom........
....and Therese.
Yeah !! Fun Times !!
Fair Parade party at the Park.
Brightyn and Payson
Crossfit - Landon and Kacey at Weber High for a WOD.
Wall ball up and over the uprights.
Demo Derby
Hair paint and glitter at the fair
Nights at the Drive-in Movie with friends
Such a good boy at the Dentist

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