Sunday, August 21, 2016

House Building - 3rd month

Boards to go on the outside of the house (between the siding) - need painting. 
Vents in. 
Drywall up and taped 
Rotomill in - Thanks to Wardell Bros.
Mark Evans helped to get back patio ready to pour
Outside door hung. 
Driveway poured
Interior doors and shelving delivered. 
Working on the siding on the outside. 
Landon was a big help. 
Two cuties
Interior doors hung
Power hooked up. 
Helper Thatcher
See what I mean? 
One day he climbed out the window on to the scaffolding........
Crazy kid. 
Roger makes me nervous !
Zac checking his Dad's cuts..... haha
They do round corners differently than we did 20+ years ago. 
Working on the interior finish work. 
OK - now I'm really nervous !!
Happy with his closet shelves
We are keeping Nebco in business. 
Finally !!  We get to see the VERTICAL STUFF !!
Looks GREAT !!

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