Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun week with the Littles

Landon and Kacey went on an Alaskan Cruise with Kacey's family, and we were able to have Payson and Brightyn come and stay with us for a few days.  We had a great time.   Now that they are gone, I miss seeing their sweet faces, and hearing their cute voices.   Every night, we had bathtime - they get pretty dirty in the barnyard, and over at Zac's house. 
This sweetheart wasn't feeling good some of the time, and had to go to the doctor.  We put her on medicine, and she perked right up !
Zac's house - climbing on the scaffolding.......
Moving some wood - riding on the trailer.
Grandpa brought home a treat from work. 
Wild animals - ROARING !!!
After I tried to get medicine down her.......   Totally unsuccessful !
Scootering around
Payson had his first Soccer practice on Friday.  This was basically a get to know your teammates/coach type of meeting.  Ashley Phillips is the coach, and he is cute with the boys.  Payson is the tallest, and fastest, and oldest on the team.  He loves it. 
Brightyn played on the toys, and made a couple of new friends. 
We watched the septic tank being set.
They were entranced with the trackhoe !
Corndogs for lunch !  Thanks CJ !!
Muddy FUN !!
Oh how they loved it :)
Soccer game on Saturday - Megan Phillips (coach's wife) filled in.  Payson scored 3 goals !! (see video below)
Missy with her umbrella
Then we watched 1/2 of Treyson's football game, dodged bees, and tried to stay cool in the shade of the umbrellas. 
Chicken catcher !  Notice the cleats and shin guards !
He didn't want to take them off :)
Back to the house (seems we are always there)
Tonks Family Reunion
These kids are so good about buckling up, and Payson and Thatcher can do it by themselves, so that is a BIG PLUS !!
Riding the lawnmower back to the shed to put away - blades are off.  
Picnic - Isn't Brightyn's hair lovely ?  haha

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