Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Love Crossfit ! (when it's over) haha

I've had a hard time keeping on track with my eating this summer.  It seems with the kids building the house, we are eating at the Property nightly, and there are alot of hoagies going on, and my good stuff is usually home in the fridge, and my sugar consumption has been on the uptake, and I failed  the nutrition challenge, and, and, and excuses excuses.

I have been able to be consistent on the Crossfit, at least through June.  July was hit and miss though, with Cam here.  It's weird.  When I go, I hurt (sore muscles), but when I don't go, my back starts KILLING ME. Seriously.  One week in July I went Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then through a series of events, couldn't go back until the next Wednesday, and THEN couldn't go back again until Monday.

On THAT Monday, when I went back in the evening, my back was hurting so bad, and of course the first thing I think is, "I can't do this, it will make it hurt worse", and to top it off - it was PR day.  Our goal was to get our heaviest 1 rep max on FRONT SQUATS, BENCH PRESS, and POWER CLEAN.  Are you kidding me !??!?

I ended up partnering with Heidi Thackeray, and we worked through it.  I have to be very careful when bending and putting weights on the bar, and also, climbing and bending to get in behind the bench to spot on the bench press, but the actual movements themselves, are absolutely no problem at all with my back pain.

When we started on the front squat, I couldn't remember where I was previously on my one rep max, and so we just went along, and low and behold, I maxed out at 110#.  When I looked later, my one rep max had been 95# in April of this year.  WOW, I was so happy !

Then we went to bench press.  I knew that one time Chans had REALLY helped me, and I SORT OF did 100#, but I felt that I had cheated, because he helped so much.  This time I told Heidi, "Don't tell me where we are on the weight, because it is a HEAD GAME with me".  So we started going, and it was getting pretty heavy, but I did it until I could no more.  My one rep max was 100 POUNDS - all by myself !!  I was pretty stoked.

At the end we did power cleans, which is my poorest thing, because I don't have FAST ELBOWS.  I ended up with 90#, and I didn't know for sure if that was a PR or not.  When I looked later (on my phone), I saw that I had last done 80# in July, so I increased a full 10 pounds.  It wasn't pretty, but hey !

Anywho, just wanted to document here, what I know to be true.  CROSSFIT has helped my back, SO MUCH !!  I need to keep going there consistently, and also go to Structura twice a month.  AND, watch the sugar consumption.

My new goal is to go Monday, and Tuesday nights at 6pm, take Wednesday off, and go Thursday and Friday mornings at 5:30 am, and start hitting the Saturdays..........(but that might have to be after the house is done).

Love it !!

PS - Manda is still loving her Crossfit also.  It has been a life changer for her.  We talk about our WODS each morning, and I can hardly wait until we can hit it together either at her box or mine.  Hopefully this December I can go down there and go to East Valley Crossfit with her.

Landon and Kacey are also working hard at their box, West Haven Crossfit.  I'm so glad they are doing this together.  I bet it is so fun to have this common thing, as a husband and wife.

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