Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our Crazy Life - August (so far)

The kids had fun at the FAIR - I won some free bounce house passes, and the grandkids had a great time. 
Demo Derby
My apricots - Dried
Brightyn, Kellen, and Payson at the Morgan County Fair
Oh dear - the piggy scared her - BAD !!
Payson standing next to his and Brightyn's chickens which took 1st place !
Brightyn, is still upset............
Bounce house cheered her up :)
They are such good kids. 
Thatcher watching the bike riders do stunts.  He had his hair painted by Blakely. 
And Treyson did some funky stuff too !
Blakeley's booth was a hit !
One day Thatcher stubbed his toe on a piece of metal..........
My Turken took a SPECIAL AWARD, as the most unusual looking bird there !
Roger D had to shoot a varmint in the window well..........
What a mess...........
We had a Crossfit Summer party at the Property.  It was alot of fun.
The kids got cowboy hats at the Summit County Fair Rodeo
Helping Grandpa with chores.
Good helpers
Lemonade Stand
Someone loves Raspberries !!
And Swings...........
Beautiful Brightyn
More parties - I think this one was to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma D's 60th wedding anniversary.
Treyson can mow the lawn with the zero turn lawn mower quite well !
Drinks anyone?
Almost looks like Autumn Time. 
One of the kids took this pic of me.
Smashing Apricot pits, to get the "NUT" inside.  All went well until Brightyn got hit by a pit....  I tell ya, you needed saftely glasses !! 

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