Saturday, May 23, 2015

Busy Friday

We went over to Mom and Dad's yesterday morning and helped plant the overgrown cabbage plants in the wet muddy garden.  It has rained so much lately.  We checked out the property - the Welch Ditch Dam has been fixed, but the grass at the property is a soggy sodden mess, still can't mow it.  Dad (Grandpa) sprayed the mud out of the bowery, but the pit is a muddy mess still.  I think that will be our next project. 
After we did that we came home and cleaned out the rain gutters at our house, then Kacey got home from xfit with the kids.  They sure love the goats !
CJ pulled up with Thatcher, and the fun and running began.  There were a few dandylions on this side of the fence, so they ran back and forth, feeding them to France, Paris, and Billy.  France and Paris are expecting new babies that will be born the end of next month, or the first part of July.  We are looking forward to that. 
Brightyn and Grandpa Roger
Kacey, Roger D. Grandma Rich and CJ
(Grandma came down for some help with uploading pics on her IPAD with our Wifi)
Later I went up with Mom to the South Morgan Cemetery to put flowers on the graves.  We were able to do this before the rain came.
After we went down to the Property to check it out, and I walked out on the newly fixed bridge and got another picture.
Later in the day we had T-Ball !!   Tagg is so sad, his games for the past two weeks have been rained out, but Thatcher and Payson's games have been able to be played.  Tagg thinks that is totally unfair.  
Two Holy Men (haha)
Payson get a hit !
So does Thatch
And he makes it home :)
Each team gets TWO "at bats", and two times in the field.  The games last for 30 minutes.  Just right ;)
A little instruction from Grandpa
This boy was all smiles this week !
Little boys are so much fun :)
This morning I woke up to a beautiufl sunrise - love it !

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