Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A little Arizona trip

We made one of our twice yearly trips to Arizona to visit family this past weekend.   As usual, we drive to Las Vegas and spend the night on Thursday (and on Sunday coming back).  We've found a new FAVORITE place to stay.  Downtown Grand, in the old part of town.  From here, it is a short one block walk to Fremont Street, and multiple restaurants, casinos, souvenir shops, activities, bands, etc.  The hotel is very very nice, and very reasonably priced.  This picture is under the canopy at Fremont Street Experience.  It is quite the "experience", and we saw many sights !  Some scandalous !!!
The reason for our visit was THIS GIRL'S birthday celebration (a few days early:)
She is turning 11 years old.  Isn't she beautiful ?
LOVE this pic !
Me, Cam, Manda
Why do you always scowl???
Look at those LINES between your beady eyes !!
Oh Grandpa !!
MUCHO better :)
Love ya !!

Our girls

Cam's wall.  We went to Home Dept and got a pre-made shelf and hangers, and got it mounted, so she would have somewhere for all of her "books" that we made/gave her.  See them on the shelf?  She's got quite a few !!
Cam Claussen (with Cam Schutt photo bombing :)
Isabella (Cam's best friend) came with us to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday celebration dinner.  Then they had a sleepover too.  She is a great friend, very polite and kind. 
Elle came too, with Mitch and Therese.  Such a cutie :)
Marvin and Jessica came also.  I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone :(
On the famous SADDLE at Texas Roadhouse, the birthday girl gets a ride.  It was pretty embarrassing for her.  Don't we just love that ??

Outside of Bren and Manda's home (with Cam and Manda in the background) Those trees are a lemon and orange tree, and MAN do they produce the best fruit.
This is their rental home which they are getting ready to sell.  They have been getting it fixed up and renovated for the past few months, and it will go on the market soon. 
Selfie!   We traveled out EAST to the Santan Valley to go to a Peach Festival, but it was so crowded on the country roads that we couldn't even get close !  We decided to bag it, and had lunch and went back home.
The kids were good in the car.  That is what you get with almost teenagers compared to little ones.  Kinda nice :)
Cam's been doing chores both around the yard, and in other yards in order to earn money.  He has become quite the entrepreneur.
Camryn has been going to a volleyball camp for a few weeks.  They are learning the basics. 
She is hoping to try out and make the team at her new Junior High, which starts up August 3rd.  She will be in 6th grade.
It was a great trip, and now it's back to real life at home.

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