Tuesday, May 19, 2015


France (the goat), apparently likes to use Miss Piggy as her mobile food truck !
Caught this cool pic last night about 6:20 pm.  The storm was just rolling in through Hardscrabble.  It took me about 50 shots to capture the lightning.  Soon after this, it was a downpour, and just a quickly, it had moved out and the sky was clear over Hardscrabble.  I should have taken a picture then, to show the contrast 30 minutes makes. 
Zac and the boys were working on Pinewood Derby cars in the shop.
Wish I could have gotten this on video.  Treyson and Tagg were standing together, and Thatch came around, tried to see on one end..........moved to the other end, still couldn't see, and then squished himself in between the two, muscleing his way in to see just what was going on.  

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