Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grandkids .......... A little bit of this......a little bit of that.........

It didn't take Payson long to get in the swing of the things with his cousins :)

He is LOVING the animals

Come on Pays - Let's do chores

Grandma Ben and Brightyn checking out the baby goats.

These two are so cute together.  They get along for the most part, and have only had a few scuffles, having to do with sharing :)  Sounds like typical 3-year olds.

We had a PIZZA night !

I finally made it to Treyson's  soccer game. 
He likes it, and he's got  a great coach.

Afterwards we went up to Grandpa Ben's and helped with some sprinkler issues.  It was too breezy to spray though.  I think Grandma is getting some paint, and we are going to paint the garage in a couple of weeks.


I don't know who is the bigger "helper", Thatcher.............................

............or Grandpa Ben :)

Trying out Grandpa's "exerciser"

We went to Tractor Supply Company's Grand Opening

Stopped in at Grandpa and Grandma D's..........checked out the garden.  Tomatoes are planted, and it's a good thing because we are running low on TOMATO JUICE !

Zac got the little go-cart started, and even though it's not running the best yet, they tried it out, up and down the lane.

Treyson tried his hand (or should I say foot) at driving.  That gas pedal is a LOT touchy :)

Thatcher is ALWAYS a cheeser :)

and a helper.......


Pays and Motts
He is absolutely enthralled with the chickens.  He wanted to hold his chicken (Motts), but didn't have gloves like Grandpa......

Who is Brightyn excited to see??

Daddy !!

And look who got GLOVES !!!

Now he is just like Grandpa Roger - (thanks Kaley :)

Payson loves Paris and Billy

So does Brightyn

Tagg spent a fun weekend in Vernal with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Shirlee (Nana Daw), and Rylee.  Rylee had baseball, and they also went to the Dinosaur Museum.


Tagg wants to be a Paleontologist when he grows up.  This park ranger was super impressed with his interest and reading ability.  Grandma Shirlee bought him a neat "future ranger" shirt, and a bunch of other cool stuff. 

Meanwhile, down in AZ............   Camryn (with her mom as a chaperone) and her class traveled north by bus to  the Flagstaff area for an all day field trip.   They had a great time, even though Manda had to follow certain rules laid down by Cam (haha). You know how embarrassing moms can be............(haha)

See the Indian ruins/dwellings?

Cam is at the top of her class, very smart, very social, and very much liked by everyone. 

Now for some cute videos - in no particular order :)

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