Saturday, May 16, 2015

T-ball is Terrific

Payson had to really really be talked into playing.  I think it was a "shirt" thing.  He sat out the first "up to bats", but when his team took the field, he ran out to hang with Thatcher.  I stole this picture from Grandma Carol's facebook, because my camera died :(
Thatcher was pretty excited - he is such a goof !
Dusty Rock is their coach, and I think Adam Walker is helping.  They are the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  They line up to bat in their jersey number order.  Payson is #1 and Thatcher is #3.  Payson hit the ball the second go around, and ran to first !!
This is before he was ready to go in.  Grandpa Roger and Kacey did their best to try and talk him into it. 
But Mom..........

Here is Thatcher's first up to bat.  He hit the ball so hard, that the other team got their hands on it before HE COULD !!  How do you like the throw down on the helmet??  haha.  His second up to bat, the ball didn't go as far, so he threw down his bat, and ran and grabbed the ball.  T-ball is SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH !!

And here is Payson !!  He knows right where to run :)

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