Sunday, May 31, 2015

All the things I love.......

Tagg stopped by my office on his way home from school on one of the last days.  He had an art packet, and I took pics of all he drew and painted and colored.  This was one of my favorites!   Just look at that Giraffe go !  Amazing :)
My Iris are looking beautiful as usual 
Last week with all the rain - we had some crazy clouds......
....and some beautiful sunrises
This is Treyson's artwork on rainforest levels.  Each sheet could be listed to view the animals and trees that exist in each rainforest level.  So clever !
The three stooges :) Watching Tagg's (FINALLY) first machine pitch baseball game. 
Tagg's team is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (just like Thatcher and Payson) - there he is in the middle.  He stopped every ball that came to him !   His coach is Chad Whimpey, but he spent most of his time talking with his OLD coach, Ryan Randall, who absolutely loves him.
Oh boy - these run run run run......
I went with Grandma Ben (Grandpa decided to come at the last minute too) down to Weber State's Dee Event's Center to watch Nocona graduate from Morgan High.  I think it's a great place to have a graduation.
Love Love Love this little girl.  She just runs runs runs to us when she sees us, with arms wide open, and lungs a bellowing HI!!!!!!!!  Glad it is finally warm, she looks so cute in her sun suit :)
Tagg, in the tree in front of their house.  He walked home with me from the baseball fields (to his house), I'm trying to get as many FITBIT steps as I can.  They have their house "sold", and are working through all of the closing things and paperwork.  Sure hope everything goes smoothly.
Zac and CJ are trying to get all of their stuff packed up and put away with a little help from Rog's tractor.
Crazy Tagg
Saturday morning bright and early (7am), Zac and Roger scraped off the old paint, and started masking everything up.  This is the BEFORE picture of Grandpa and Grandma Ben's garage. 
Zac bought this nifty paint sprayer, and it works so very well.  All the little boys of course were there to help. 
He had quite the audience.  There wasn't much any of us could do, except to hold ladders, and move ladders around. 
The color is a pretty light creme, and it looks beautiful. 
It went so fast !!  I bet he was done in an hour after he started painting. 
Backside - Last side.  Check out the cute new videos (at the top of the blog, under Family Videos), where the kids "walked the plank". 
Ta Da !!!  Finished product   The trim will be painted brown later, and also, he painted the foundation, and it looks so good. 
After we went back to the shop and he washed out the paint sprayer with soap and water.  A little bit spilled in his truck, and Thatcher used a toothbrush and soapy water to clean it up.  Of course he needed the goggles too !
Tagg's been working on cutting through this piece of 2 x 6 for a few days.  He finally GOT IT DONE today !   Good job Tagg !!
The Jeep will get done one of these days :)
Rog was finally able to get the Property mowed after all of the rain and flooding.  He went over it without the bagger hooked up, and then BACK over it again, to pick up the grass - CRAZY LONG !!
Treyson and I did a little photo shoot.
Family Picture :)
Nicole McMillan took this, and it was on the internet and TV.   Looking down Weber Canyon from Mtn. Green. 
Camryn received this award, and she posted it on instagram.  How great is that?  You know, kids now a days are using Instagram more than Facebook (which is considered just for "old people" - haha).  You can look for her at cam a lama, and it's fun to see what she posts there. 
Here she is with her cousin Hannah, who will be watching/hanging out with her this summer.  Such cute girls.  I'm not sure how to download Instagram pics from the internet (like I do with Facebook), so I just take a screen shot.

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