Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cemetery, Property, and Eggs

Saturday we went up to the South Morgan Cemetery to put flowers on Ambure's, Tonya and Lance's, Uncle Don's, and Linda's gravesites.  Kacey and the kids went with us.  It was beautiful weather, not too hot and not raining, surprisingly.
The kids had a fun time walking around, and Payson got to see a big backhoe, where they were filling in a gravesite after a funeral that just happened. 
This is taken just before Brightyn "took out" the pretty pink flower, (haha) Poor thing, she toppled right over on it. 
After that we went up to the Property and Roger weed eated around the trees, which I pushed Payson in the swing, and we picked up sticks. 
Let me tell you, this boy can sure pick up sticks !  He is quite the worker.  I think he must have a very determined and methodical mind. 
Then we went home, and he stirred up some eggs for lunch.  He loved to break them open, and he does a pretty good job.  
This little one loves eggs too !
After that, it was just a dull, boring, relaxing day, as we stayed inside and out of the rain........

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