Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rainy Marathon

Roger and I took the little boys down to watch Zac finish the Ogden Marathon.  Just like two years ago, it was rainy rainy rainy.  Here is the post from two years ago when he ran the half.  
Mom and Dad came too !
We tried to keep Thatcher out of the gutters, and under the umbrella, but by the end he was totally soaked, head to toe.  He didn't complain one bit though, even though he had to be cold !
Finally at the 3 hour 50 minute mark, he finished !!
It was long, and cold, and hard, and cold, and rainy, and cold.  He said for the first 3 miles it was beautiful, then the rain started in.  
At the beginning - there was hope that it might turn out with no rain......  (I totally stole this picture and the picture below from FB)
He said as he crossed the Pineview Dam he seriously thought about calling us on his cell, and having us come up over Trapper's and pick him up.  He was so cold.  Zac would much rather run in 100 degrees than the cold. 
He was sure glad to have a warm dry sweat shirt that we brought him at the end.  He was shaking so bad, and his hands looked like he had soaked in a bathtub for HOURS, they were so swollen yet shriveled at the same time.
Yea !!  Glad it was over !!  This may be his last marathon............he may stick to halfs from now on..........

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