Monday, May 18, 2015

Hardscrabble Creek causes flooding at the Property

They announced in the 5th ward this morning that Hardscrabble Creek was flooding at Steve and Loraine Smith's property.  Dad wondered how that would affect the Welch Ditch Dam at our Property...................

We weren't there to see it flooding, but we sure saw the aftermath :(
They put the dams (for the ditches) in early this year because they knew there would be no Spring runoff.  I guess the rainful we got yesterday wasn't expected, and boy the creek is UP !!
You can't really tell, but that is MUD, all over the rocks in the pit.  This whole area was totally flooded, up over the bridge and everything.  Notice the water is dark reddish brown, just like chocolate milk. 
The dam backed up with debris, overflowed the banks, and came across and through the bowery, leaving mud everywhere. 
The cables holding the dam both broke, and one end of the dam shifted, almost off its cement moorings.   One side finally busted through (or maybe it was removed by the trackhoe, (we aren't sure) allowing the waters to subside. 
You could see the aftermath, see the brown down in the middle of grass a the far end?  That is mud........
Not good - not good at all.  I don't know how the ditch company is going to fix this.  What a mess. 
Since the forecast calls for more rain this week, I'm not sure how our Memorial Day will shape up.  It may still be too wet to do much of anything.  
Take a look (click here) at prior flooding in 2011 - it was worse today at the property than it was then !!

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