Monday, October 6, 2014

Vegas and Marathon ! Great Weekend :)

That is our hotel in Old Town in back - the Downtown Grand.  It was great !  We are just walking into Fremont Street, so we weren't far away at all. 
We walked down the strip (about a mile) to the Pawn Stars pawn shop.  FYI - It's not called "Pawn Stars" :)  Chumly wasn't there :(  
I love to get pics like this !
If you weigh over 350 pounds at this eating establishment, you can eat FREE !  These two didn't quite make it :)  Me and Manda weren't even going to hop on to try !
Just cause.....
Nice Wig Cameron !
Saturday morning Rog and I got up early and headed to St. George to watch Zac finish the marathon.   We met CJ and the kids and Grandma Shirlee there. 
These boys are ready to greet Dad !
We had the discussion about the spelling of Zac's name.  This kid is growing up so much !  Understanding more and more.  
Everyone was in FINE FORM this morning !
Here he comes !!  He can't miss us !!
He always has a BIG GRIN when he sees us all.  I know he really appreciates the support. 
And look who we bumped into !   Can't believe with all of those people that we "found" them without even trying?!?
Dallin is going to Dixie University, and Dax hadn't seen him for two whole months.  I guess it was quite a reunion.

Dallin, Devin (in back)
Dax, Treyson, Tagg (in front)
Picaboo !
Zac felt pretty good - only a few blisters.  At least he wasn't one of those hauled off in the ambulances (we saw three).
Good job Dad!
Back to Vegas, we drove down to the Luxor to view the Titanic and Bodies exhibits.
Then over to Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Encounter.
We could even TOUCH some stingrays...........but no one (not even Roger) wanted to try that !
At the Bodies Exhibit
Here we are on the grand staircase - with Captain Smith's ghost behind us !!
Crazy FUN !!
Pretty intense !!
Rose and Jack - aka Cam and Cam :)

We all had a great time.  We brought Cam home with us for a week during her fall break.   Life is good !

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