Thursday, October 9, 2014

Poster, Planetarium and Property - a Plethora of "P" s

I ordered a LTL (Larger than Life) print from the company of the same name.  Very happy with how it turned out.  It's vinyl and sticks to the wall.  Love it ! It was a bear to hang, but Rog and I got it done - YEAH !
Yesterday afternoon we travelled to SLC to the Clark Planetarium.  It is now located near the Gateway.  
Some of the same displays remain................
And there are alot of new interactive displays, such as this one "walking on the moon"
I had a $100 gift certificate, that I had won last year at UAC, so we made full use of it.  It doesn't cost to actually get in the Planetarium and view the displays......, but between the SUPER VOLCANO show under the BIG DOME theater, goodies for all, and a trip to the gift shop for memorabilia (Peacock for Thatcher, and rocks, and Mars Mud, and "Pet Tornadoes", etc.) we managed to use it up :)
Then back to the Property we went, because Cam HAD. TO. HAVE. a "party at the Property" while she was here :)
We had a MINK incident, that I failed once again to catch on video ;(
We cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, and marshmellows !
WOW  - random shot of MARS landscape from the Planetarium......don't know why it ended up here, but I'm too lazy to change it !  Enjoy !!

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