Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkins + Kids + Carving + powertools = FUN !!

Last night the Rich Family and the Wardell Family got together to carve pumpkins !  It was a CRAZY good time :)  So glad we could be a part of if :)
Tagg wanted Jack Skeleton on his
Kaydence was a good scooper outer (just like her Dad :)
Power tools were a necessity !  Those big pumpkins that Grandpa D grew needed BIG TOOLS to open up and carve :)
Thatch was happy in the middle of it
Working Hard
Funniest thing - after Treyson's was all done, it was found that he had his pumpkin UPSIDE DOWN !  The stem was actually on the bottom !
Muscle Power needed
Treyson didn't want to get his hands and arms dirty.............Kaydence helped him out, she didn't mind :)
Thatch grabbed any tool he could find in Daddy's toolchest to work on this little baby pumpkin
Helping Dad with the FACE
CJ - artist extraordinaire
YUCK !?!?
Towards the end things got crazy on the "creeper"......
And here they all are, with their masterpieces.
Kathryn, Thatcher, Kendyl, Tagg, Treyson, Kassidy, Kamry, Kaydence
Moroni, Lindsey, Kennedy, CJ, Zac

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