Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More about Payson's Preschool

I'm pretty sure this picture is at Payson's Preschool - playin' a bit of hockey?
The name of the school is SJI Explorers  (SJI stands for Saint Joseph's Institute)
This is Teacher Chris with Payson
Fun crafts from school :)
Someone is smiling behind that binky ;)
I don't know if he wears this uniform everyday - because in some of the pics he's not wearing it......not sure about that. 
They had UN day at the Preschool, and his class was to represent China.  Landon said they found this cute Chinese outfit at a store, and it had a hat/wig, with a long braid on the back of the hat.  They couldn't get him to wear that !
In another part of the program, his class danced to Kung Fu Fighting.  This is the outfit he wore for that.  I guess in practice he did really well, but when Mom and Dad were there, and about 100 other people, he got kind of shy.  When they introduced him, he had to walk out in front of everyone, and he wouldn't do it, so Kacey had to take his hand and walk with him.............not her favorite place to be (in the spotlight :)  Yeah Mom !!

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