Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back - filling

The foundation is done - now for the back-filling
First - a little finish up of the underground plumbing (This was done on Friday)
Zac worked on this masterpiece -  the pump/grinder will sit in the bottom of this "bucket", and the top part which Zac built, is for ease of access to the pump in the future.  Hopefully this won't be necessary, but just in case. 
We started about 9am Saturday morning
It was a beautiful day
Zac moved the dirt, and got as close as he could.
A little shoveling was necessary..........
And then the Kubota was used
Rog and Thatch, watching the action.  Rog was hating life, not being able help and feeling pretty worthless.  My goodness, he needs to take a chill pill.  None of us was feeling that way, so he shouldn't. 
Zac is extremely careful and cautious with the little boys, and after hearing about that poor little 5-year old who was killed on a tractor yesterday (about this same time !) in Henefer, it just makes you want to be even more careful. 
They had a lot of fun playing around
Treyson loved being up on tope of the piles of dirt as Zac was removing it!  
Thatch was climbing up and down and all around.  He is pretty adventurous.
Tagg collected all of the little metal pieces that Grandpa D and I had knocked off the foundation.  It made me smile.  I remember doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING when I was Tagg's age, and my mom and dad were building their house in 1967.
Tagg loves to help his dad.
And these boys sure love their mom
I think he may need braces !
He's a little monkey !
Grandma and Thatch - she wasn't feeling super well, but of course she had delicious chili made for us for lunch :)
Dad's helper
The bucket contraption went in and out - getting it just right
Hard worker
Final placement
After a day of work and play and fun...........we went up to the Rees Ranch aka Nightmare Ranch, and had a fun scary night.  Treyson and I went through WITHOUT A GUIDE, and it was pretty freaky !  Tagg and Treyson and a couple of Lindsey's girls went through with a guide the second time.  FUN TIMES !!

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