Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Fall !

Brian's missionary farewell was wonderful on Sunday.  He leaves for Oklahoma on November 5th.  Just love this picture of all of them.  Brian, Colton, Tiana, Erika and Aaron (wish Lance could have been here, but he is super busy with schooling at Stanford).
Zac would like to repair the Welch Ditch Dam headgate.  This guy is ALWAYS looking for a project !
Isn't this just a BEAUTIFUL picture?   I. LOVE. FALL.
New selfies :)
That pesky mink is actually not a BIT timid. 
Wrestling is starting, and Tagg is in FINE FORM.  Thatcher does anything that Tagg does..........including going potty in the toilet!   I think he's almost got it !
Foundation is all poured.  Zac is working on the underground plumbing.  There are issues with the septic system that still have to be worked out.  It will be great when it's done.  Hope Dad doesn't stress too bad before then......

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