Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday Morning.....

I don't know why these photos posted backwards, but I'm too lazy to change them.
CJ and Treyson and Tagg slept up Devil's Hollow last night with Lindsey and 5 of her 6 girls in the motorhome.  CJ said she about froze !  The boys loved it.  When we went up this morning to pick them up, it was warm and beautiful. 
Tagg and Junior - as you can see, the hunters were successful !
Here come the girls, with Treyson riding on the back.
This one had a fun hike up in the mountains.  He was wearing orange. 
Beautiful Fall morning - the colors are just gorgeous. 
Thatcher checking out one of the deer. 
Before we went up Devil's Hollow to get the rest of the family, Zac and Thatcher helped to set up some election signs.  Thank you SO SO MUCH Zachary. 
Thatch was a big helper - sure love him :)

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