Friday, October 17, 2014

Chans and Tausha's Wedding Reception

I thought I'd post these pics so Manda and Fam, and Landon and Fam could see.  Joni and Kerry and family went to so much work, and it turned out beautifully.  Here we are after we parked, walking to the barn.
A little closer
The music was playing, the temperature wasn't too cold, thank goodness.  I think the worst thing they had to deal with was the wind (in previous days), wrecking the decoration they had set up early. 
Cute decorations
Tausha's mom sewed the draping !  WOW !!
Terri and Jaylee - I wish I could have gotten pics of everyone that was there (family)
Book table
They found this old wagon in the barn when cleaning, and used it to hold gifts
Not a great pic - I snapped it on the fly.  Sorry I cut Kaley's head off !  Harper actually smiled and waved to Roger !?  
Zac was the only one of his family that could go - Treyson and Tagg were super sick with flu, so CJ stayed home with them and Thatcher.  Hope they don't all get sick !
The line was just the parents and Chans and Tausha.  Purple and Turquise were the colors - beautiful !
Joni and K.P.
Tables were on the one side with the food
Lots of goodies to enjoy !
Grandma and Harper
More family, with Roger D.
Heading back to the cars - it was great !   

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