Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Days......

Grandpa and Grandma "D" have harvested all of their pumpkins, and all of the grandkids were able to choose one or more.
They are working at getting the garden "put to bed" for fall/winter.  We finished cutting down the corn stalks yesterday.  I'd say 95% of them went to our animals for food, and we also bundled a few for decoration, and put the rest of the burn pile. 
While we were at Costco on Monday, a random lady handed Cam a rose !   
The baby goats, Paris and France are getting more and more tame.  We can hand feed them, we just have to keep Billy and Sam (and their mean ways) AWAY from them if we want to get close.  
With Miss Piggy
Tuesday we went to Morgan Valley Crafts and painted up another Halloween decoration.  It was alot of fun !
While we were eating lunch at Deb's Spicy Pie (with CJ and Thatch), we got a text from Bruce, who let us know that Linda's headstone was in place.  We ran right up to the cemetery to check it out.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL !
We had a nice visit with Bruce and Brenda, and Grandpa and Grandma Ben.
Cam is a great baby-sitter :)
This girl is getting TALLER !  One of these days she's going to pass them up !
Our finished project !
Later, when we were putting the cornstalks on the burn pile. 
Two peas in a pod
The Welch Ditch Dam has been removed, and the creek is really low. 
We are getting ready to build a shed at the property. Hopefully we'll have some of it done before the snow comes,
We brought Thatch back to our house while the other crew went to the year end football party at the bowling alley.  

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