Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's New?

We received this awesome pic in the mail.  Cameron Claussen is in the 7th grade, and is doing really well in his classes.  He's a cute kid, huh?
The other night we walked down to the Property while Zac and Roger tinkered on the zip line.  Treyson was the master picture taker. 
The kids enjoyed playing in the sandbox. 
Pretty Brightyn :)
Be careful Daddy !
Friday morning I helped Grandpa and Grandma D with tomato juice.  It's quite the job, but we've got to get it done.  They are such an example to me.  
She loves it - I promise !
Landon watched his kids and Kaley and Keysto's kids on Friday morning while the girls went to Swiss Days in Midway.  He's a great dad and uncle, and the kids had a great time.  We took this funny picture, of them all caged up in the chicken coop !
Miss Piggy was resting in her igloo, and the kids wanted to pet her.  They each took turns, being very brave.  She would snort and make a noise, and finally came out to see what all the ruckus was. 
We sang about an EVIL CLOWN, DOWN IN THE GROUND........they squeeled and had a great time !
We took a walk out in the corn, and tried to get lost.  Kroix is quite the explorer - he almost DID get lost !
Zac turned the water down the new pipe system, and it worked pretty well.  
Thatch and Payson had a great time climbing on the dirt hills, and busting up clods.
Any guess what these are?
I trimmed Miss Piggy's toe nails with the tree pruners.

It went really well, she was busy eating corn, and I just slipped in there and lopped them off, and she didn't even register any complaint at all.  

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