Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day 2015

We met at the Property for our usual Hurrah -  Just had to take a picture of the beautiful salad/dessert that Erika and family made.  It was GREAT ! 
The day wasn't too warm, certainly not warm enough to be in the creek, but the kids played around, teather sp? ball, soccer, swinging.........It was great to have Lance back for a visit, and Colton got contacts, and Tiana got accepted to another year of Living Legends (was there any doubt?).  So sorry Mark and family couldn't make it. 
Kaley came up with her kids though, and we are always glad to have them. 
It was ZIP LINE ADVENTURE day, and it seemed everyone got in on the action.  CJ was the "setter upper"......
Dad and Roger and Aaron took turns pulling the little kids back up to the platform, and Zac put on his BOGS and stood in the creek to pull them back across the creek portion.   Zac and Rog had been working on the zipline, trying to get it working better.  They tightened it up, and greased it well, and it's GREAT !  
Payson has a tongue just like his Daddy. 
Kacey with the girlies :)
Loves for Mama
Ready, Set, Go !!
Man, Colton is getting taller, and looks so much older for some reason - maybe it's the contacts?  Treyson (and the rest of us) sure love these kids. 
Yup - that's where Payson gets the "tongue"  - That's Kroix being caught, nice mid-air action :)
Grandpa and Grandma Ben came also, and we had a great day at the Property. 

Check out this video HERE, to see my first attempt at the zipline.  A year ago I wouldn't have been able to hold myself on the bar, and I was pretty nervous this time, afraid that I would slip off into the creek and break a leg.....but I DID IT !!  I was pretty proud of myself :)

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