Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day over the years - a blast from the past

2014 - After a party at the Property, Treyson and I went to the Ogden Temple Open House with Mom and Dad, and the Bettinsons
2013 - We were watching Thatcher while Zac and CJ and family were in Disneyland.
2012 - Party at the Property - The little boys were so LITTLE !?!
2011 - We labored in the barnyard, cleaning out the barn.
2010 - Chinatown 4-wheeler ride.  It was so much fun !
2009 - Just relaxing
2008 - Grandpa and Grandma D's house was going up
2007 - 4-wheeler ride at Round Valley
2006 - Landon was playing baseball for TVCC, and we were going to games
2005 - Softball tournament
2004 & 2003 - Football was in full swing  (those were the days !)
2002 - Zac and his Banshee
2001 - We had a party up Spring Canyon at the Judd Ranch.  On the way out we got TWO FLAT TIRES !!

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