Friday, September 25, 2015

A Day in the Field

Wednesday, Matt and I went with John Wilkinson and Gerald Osborne for a Ranger ride to observe the grazing, and topography, and foliage in Hardscrabble Canyon.   It was a great morning.  A little dusty, and a little cool at first, but a fun outing none the less.  At one point we went through the creek, and it came in up around the doors, and in on the floorboards, and back out !  We saw alot of beautiful fall colors, and healthy cows and calves.   The Ranger ride was incredibly smooth, and John was an excellent driver over some scary, narrow, steep trails.   I was a little nervous, but not too much.  
We went further than I have ever gone in the canyon.  We went almost to the top, of Shingle Mill.  See where Matt is looking?  Just over that ridge is Bountiful !  What a beautiful world we live in. 

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