Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Double Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Zac and Treyson !!
Zac is 34 and Treyson is 10
If Treyson would have cooperated a little better, they would have shared the same day - but as it was...........after 27+ hours of labor and then FINALLY a C-section, he was born one day later.

We had a great celebration at the Property,
the weather was so warm and wonderful. 
Brightyn is such a cheeser :)
Hi Thatcher!
Hi Wilkersons !!
That boy dug right into his presents I tell you.
The Brain teaser game was fun !
Everyone looked at the book, "The Year I Was Nine" that we gave him.  It was 158 pages long !!  Wow, it was a fun filled past year, that's for sure.

Can you believe I caught both of them smiling?

Up Up UP!!!!!!!!!

Payson made me a birthday cake of my own from sand and rocks.  He was so proud, and I was SO appreciative, cause that's how this Grandma rolls.........
How cute is this?
The next night, Grandma D made her famous pumpkin (squash) pie, and Treyson (and the rest of us) DEVOURED it !!

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