Monday, September 28, 2015

Last week happenings

This is the road that will go to Zac and CJ's lot. It goes across the yard of the house that Mark used to live in.  You can see Roger D. on the tractor in the background.  
Zac is in Dad's Kubota, spreading and smoothing and tilling the dirt.  He has got it looking so so good !
Every other night we go over to get the empty corn stalks to feed to the animals.  The boys love to help with this chore.
Roger said that the stalks are getting too dry now, so we will probably just chop the rest. 
Roger D. fixed macaroni and tomato juice the other night.  Everyone just loves it.
Tagg is quite the artist !
The other morning before I got them on the bus (Friday morning), we practiced cursive.  It was fun to be with them.
Thatcher is now wearing an eye patch for 3 hours a day.  He has a very lazy eye, which needs to be corrected. 
Tagg and his whole family went to the dentist on Friday afternoon. 
Saturday morning I watched the kids while Landon was golfing and Kacey went to Crossfit.  Brightyn wanted left over pizza from the night before.  Silly girl :)

All of the boys wanted scrambled eggs, and they ate them right up !

Treyson needs to eat good - because he's got a football game in a little bit !

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