Sunday, September 20, 2015

Friday and Saturday

We watched Payson and Brightyn for a few hours on Friday while Landon and Kacey sent to a sealing at the temple.  We had a fun morning, building blocks and knocking them down.  Payson was "HULK", and Brightyn was "Princess".  We built a fort, and had fun around the house, then we went to visit Grandpa and Grandma Ben.
Afterwards we came home for lunch.  I fixed a peanut butter and jam sandwich, but Payson didn't want any of that, so he decided eggs would be better.  He's a good little cooker :)
Later we went outside and watched Grandpa Roger mow the lawn.  We hung out under the trampoline for a little bit..................
Brightyn had a fun time too, even though this picture doesn't show it.
He's going to be a Crossfitter !
Brightyn too !!
Catchin' some AIR !!
Saturday, Roger and I went with Mom and Dad to Young Kia in Kaysville.  They ended up getting a Kia Sportage.  It's a cute crossover vehicle.  White (just like mom wanted).  I think they will enjoy it very much. 

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