Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Harvest Time

The garden is almost put to bed.  Boy what a big job this is for Mom and Dad.  Gathering all of the squash and pumpkins.  Mom and Dad had already gathered them into about 6 piles throughout the garden, and covered them with the vines.   Today I helped them move them into two big piles, and gather up all of the vines, so that the hoses could be rolled up and put away.  We worked for 2 hours in the hot sun.  It was a big job.  I'm glad I could be off work to help them.   The power had gone out at work, and they closed the courthouse.  There were hubbard, and blue hubbard, and acorn, and buttercup, and banana squash, and then of course, the PUMPKINS !
Looking pretty barren at this point in September.
Aunt Maisie and Uncle Norris and Aunt Pam and Lori came over to get some squash.  Treyson and Tagg were there to help load them up, and to also pick THEIR pumpkins. 
Later we went down to the Property while Zac and Roger moved some dirt for Mom.  The next thing I know, she's out on the Welch Ditch Dam, working to clear debris.
Dang it all -  She worries me.  78 years old, and she doesn't know when to quit.  I hope I can be just like her !
Selfie time with the LITTLES
Brightyn picked her pumpkin
So did this SWEET boy !
We gathered cornstalks and took them home to the goats.  Fall is my FAVORITE time of year :)

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