Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last days of January.......

The Outhouse is buttoned up nice and tight.  The warmer weather has resulted in muddy muddy ground, so that is what the pieces of plywood are down for.
Rog and Zac and Dad got the sheetrock all up, and it is in the process of being taped
We were able to pick up a stainless steel counter with a sink for use in the storage part of the building.   It will work great !
Saturday morning was really misty in Morgan.  Got this great shot !
Later in the day, it was so nice and warm at the property.  We lit the firepit on fire, and sat around basking in the sunlight. 
Beautiful !
Looking North
He had a stick and was having a grand time shooting everyone
There Tagg is - dead on the ground :)
Click here for video 
We walked back and forth from the house to the property a couple of times.  It was pretty muddy, so we had to walk on the grass.
Grandma fixed us lunch of barbeque, and then we relaxed a little bit.
Slap Jack is the new game of choice.
We helped take down the Christmas lights, and Zac removed a few bees nests
Then we went home and loaded up the little goats to take down to Prescotts
Hopefully they will get bred quickly, so that we will have new babies when Manda and Cam and family come in July.  
We also had the chance to get this FREE llama......but alas, I was the only one who really wanted him...... and so we won't be getting him. 

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