Saturday, February 21, 2015

Basketball is done !

Yeah for #20 - Our Treyson.
The games started in December, and just finished up today !
They were on Saturday mornings at either 10am or 11am in the middle school "small" gym.

Treyson had the same coach he had last year, Richard Peterson (Tom Peterson's son).
He's actually a relative !

Tom and I are 3rd cousins, and Richard and Zac are 4th cousins, and Treyson and Richard's kid (the one on the end in front, with his fist up to his chin) would be 5th cousins !

I don't know all of the kids on the team unfortunately.

They struggled, that's for sure, but I always asked Treyson if he was having fun, and he always said YES!  so that's a good thing. :)  They lost their last game by one basket !  It was a heart breaker.  At one point, Treyson made a basket, which tied them up with the other team 12-12.  At least they were pretty evenly matched against the opposing team this time.  

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