Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunny Saturday at the Property

While the guys (Roger, Zac, Dad) worked on getting the soffit and facia up, we proceeded to rake and start a fire in the pit which about smoked them out !  When will we ever learn ?

Goofy Guy

Here is a better picture of all of their hard work - it looks great !

It was a warm beautiful day - for the 1,000,000th time..........Can. Not. Believe. This. Weather !!

Can't believe this boy is SEVEN !! 

CJ is on the phone making last minute arrangements for Tagg's "friend" party, which was Saturday night.  He had a few friends over to eat pizza and watch a movie. 

They finally got some no trespassing signs posted, after once again, people come down from the other side, and enter the gate, traipse around, and then leave the gate wide open with the chain missing........ leaving quickly when they see someone coming (from our side).

Looks beautiful, huh?   They hope to get siding on the gabled ends done this week. 

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