Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weird Weather and other stuff :)

We woke up to snow yesterday morning (Saturday), and then the sun came out and when we got out of Treyson's ball game at 11am, it was melted !.  We went to the Property, and it was Sunny (see pic below), but looking down toward Mountain Green, you could see a black wall of clouds heading our way.  

See now nice ?

Here it comes!  Almost like a dividing wall.   I asked Zac if it reminded him of the Stephen King story I told him of "The Mist" :)

Rog and Zac were working on the finish work in the bathroom.

A literal blizzard came through, and laid down another inch......and then it moved on and even though the sun didn't come out again because of clouds, there was no snow coming down. 

These two decided to go out with friends to eat in Ogden.

Goofy kids :)

We watched the boys - fixed a Spaghetti supper, and I just had to get a cute closeup of Treyson's cute freckles.  I just love them ! 

Thatcher just turned three, but if you ask him how old he is, he likes to tell you FIVE !!

He had Rog sit down, and they rolled a ball between their legs.   Thatch wouldn't scoot back any further, he is so silly.

By the time Zac and CJ got home about 10pm, it was a blizzard outside again - man the wind was FIERCE !   Tagg and Thatcher were asleep in our bed (Roger had laid down with them).  Me and Treyson were up watching "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken".  He is a funny kid - he likes scary movies, but not TOO scary, because he doesn't want nightmares :)

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