Friday, February 6, 2015

Crazy kids !

Payson had a super hero day at Preschool - It was a huge success !  Great job Captain America and Spidy :)
Someone is learning to use the potty !  Yea Payson  :)
It is still hit and miss, but things are progressing nicely.
Krispy Kreme came to Bacolod !
When we went over there last November, there were people boarding the plane from Manila to Bacolod, and they were literally carrying boxes of Krispy Kreme's home as their only carryons.   A store finally opened up recently in Bacolod, and of course our gang tried them out :)
Yummy Baby 
This boy needs a haircut !!
Lovin' his new underpants :)
To mark the 100th day of school, many of the kids dressed up like 100 year old people.  Tagg "ROCKED" the look.  Reminds me of Landon's portrayal of Cesar' on Halloween 2013.  Yes, that is a buzzed head on top.  Too funny !
Treyson has been going to a Wizarding class aka Harry Potter class for the past few Wednesdays after school with the 4-H clubs.  This time he made a "snitch" (the little golden ball that they chase in Quidditch match) and some potions....  He's having a great time doing this, and it's a fun treat that he stops by on his way home to show off his new creations.   

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