Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Making Butter with Vicki !

Our Snowmobile "girl" gang met at Rachel Ray's ;)  to see how to make butter and have lunch.   I thought we would each have a little bottle, and be shaking them (like we did in school).  Boy was I wrong !
Vicki poured one quart of cream (that she had skimmed off of two gallons of raw milk) into her Bosch Mixer, turned it on high, and that was the shaking !  So Easy ! 

After the butter separated from the whey (that's what they call the left over cream), she spooned it out of the mixer.

Then she had to WASH IT ! in ice water......I had no idea that this would have to happen.  Apparently it is very important to get all of the whey OUT of the butter, so it won't go rancid.
She even scooped and pressed it together, squeezing out the excess whey.
Then Vanna (I mean Janene:), added 1/2 tsp. of salt to the butter which Vicki had spread out on a plate, and then Vicki kneaded it just like you would playdoh.

Wendy's beautiful whole wheat bread (homemade of course) and the homemade butter - so yummy.
We finished up with salad, clam chowder and raw milk (or water) for our lunch.  It was delicious.  Thanks Vicki !  I was great to see everyone, and enjoy each other's company.

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