Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Surprise for Treyson

Here's what CJ had to say about this on FB:
I surprised Treyson today (which is almost impossible to do) and made him go with me to Deseret Book 📚 little did he know Brandon Mull would be signing books!! He was so excited and surprised! He kept saying calm down mom have u even read the books and I was like no but I love a good surprise!
Treyson has been reading these FABLEHAVEN books like mad lately.
I noticed the other day on FB that Brandon Mull would be in Layton at a bookstore.  At first I thought we had missed it, but then it popped up again on my FB feed, so I tagged CJ.  Monday night, Layton, hopefully no crowds?  Yahoo !!!
I had no idea that CJ would actually arrange her busy schedule to make this happen, but I'm so so glad she did !
I'm glad this boy was so happy, and so glad for the small part I had in making it happen. 

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