Monday, April 17, 2017

A great day - Easter at our home

On Wednesday before Easter, Roger D. called me at work, and said, let's have an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner on Sunday.  So we did !  4:30 pm, everyone showed to hunt for eggs.  I think the kids really enjoyed it, however Roger D. accidently hid some eggs TOO HARD for Treyson and Tagg, and they may never be found again !
Brightyn was all sorts of pretty in her new Easter Dress, and stylin' shades :)
Here's Tagg, going into the tree to get his blue egg (you can see it faintly)
All done - the kids had a great time !
Of course there was a little trampoline jumping :)
We had a wonderful dinner of ham, funeral potatoes, salads, and dessert.  Everyone said it was scrumptious.  Yea me !

Thatch had to try out his new bike
Tagg too
Little Tallon (big dog in a little body), was trying to climb all over our old Lucky boy.  It was like an old Grandpa being pestered by a young toddler.  Pretty funny to watch.

All in all it was a GREAT DAY !!

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