Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Give and Let Give

There is a new Facebook Group here in Morgan, started by Shersti Walker.  It's called Give and Let Give.  Someone starts by hiding a "gift" somewhere, taking a picture (to hint the location), and then posting it.  First one to go and find and claim the gift, posts that they did, and then it's their responsibility to repeat the process at another location. 
The other night, someone left a prize at the "M".  CJ saw it on FB, and she and Tagg and Tagg's friend and Thatcher RAN to get it.   CJ and thatcher didn't make it to the top, but Tagg and his friend did. 
This picture above shows them walking back down with the prize.  Thatcher is with them at this point.
Wow - Treats, Pop, and a MOVIE !!
Stopping by little Tenzin's gravesite

This is where the PRIZE was.  Yahoo !!
I haven't heard if they have hidden another gift yet.   They sure had fun doing this whole thing.  What a great idea !

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