Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Puppies Puppies Everywhere

Here's Tallon, spankin' clean just after a bath.
CJ has become good friends with the Labs of Liberty people, and they are going to show her how to train him to be a therapy dog, so she can take him to hospitals, and senior care centers.  She is excited about this. I think it will be so good for her. 
Cute pic of the boys......... who get to...........
Go up to the Labs for Liberty property, and play with the puppies!!
One of the Labs (not these puppies) was not used to kids, so Tagg went up and worked with him, under their instruction.  They want him to come up 2-3 days a week and help them.  He is looking forward to this.  What a wonderful opportunity. 
Even Treyson getting in on some lovin'   :)

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